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Welcome to EFT Coach Online, a healthy combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Coaching.

EFT is a powerful Energy Therapy that uses tapping on acupuncture points and some kinesiology to shift the upset. It is simple to learn, and results in almost immediate relief from stress.

Hi There!

If you’ve been struggling to get your weight to behave itself you might like to try a rather different way using acupuncture points.

Don’t freak out – there are no needles! You just use your own fingers on the points to get rid of that stress that leads you to gain weight.

Just imagine – no diet involved!

Go over to the video and watch Jessica Ortner. She had the same problem, but has fixed it with The Tapping Solution.

The video’sonly a couple of minutes, to find out something which can change your life around, and give you the power back over your weight problem.

Please note:This is an affiliate program where, if you should buy anything I may get a fee for promoting it.However your price remains the same.

If you are unsure whether EFT would be suitable for you, I’ll tell you a story.

I was on an aircraft travelling from Melbourne to Perth, a journey of a few hours.

I was sitting next to a young woman and we got chatting and all was well – that is – until the plane’s engines began to rev up for take-off.

She began to get a bit fidgety and told me that although she really wasn’t afraid of flying, she always feared the time when the plane was taking off.

Naturally I offered EFT to her because it is so quick and easy, and no-one would notice.

I drew a sketch of the acupuncture points of the head and body and showed her other points on the hand and fingers.

And off we went! She just thought about her fear of the plane taking off – and tapped!

It wasn’t the total EFT routine, but it worked. In a few minutes she was relaxed and intrigued!

Later when we were fully air-borne I saw her talking to a friend further down the plane.

She came back to her seat and told me that she had been telling her friend of her amazing discovery and experience.

I recommended that she visit an EFT practitioner in Perth to make sure she had completely cleared her fear of flying.

I would bet that there would be a much earlier related event in her life which had been stored away. Fear from this event would not surface until triggered, e.g., by the flight take off. If there were such an event, then this would also need to be treated.

There are many stories like this one😊

So that’s EFT! Who wouldn’t want to use it?

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