I was a counselling psychologist for about 20 years, and previously a community health nurse for 18 years.I also have training in coaching (international Coach Academy) and Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT (AAMET and others).

I now work with three of my passions. Coaching, EFT and with a face book health and wellness group, focusing on providing up to date information on health, specifically Mediterranean Food, Fasting and Fitness.I thoroughly enjoy all of this, which involves quite a bit of writing too.

As well as many articles on health and wellness, coaching and EFT I have written three e-books on using EFT to fix phobias.(See the Products section)

EFT is one of the most amazing therapies I have used over 18 years (to 2019), and as I continue to learn more, it gets more amazing!

I no longer offer psychological counselling, just the coaching and EFT.(See Coaching section)

This combination works very well, or they can be experienced separately – your choice!

EFT works for just about anything you can think of, and the beauty is that the therapist doesn’t need to know much about the problem.It is all dealt using very few words, and you can learn to do it yourself.

If I can help you with any problem or challenge you find yourself up against, please call me on –

Warm Regards