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You must be committed to leaving the problem behind or you are committed to keeping it!

You must be committed to leaving the problem behind or you are committed to keeping it! These are concepts that come up in coaching. When clients say they’ll “try” to do something it gives them a subtle opportunity to opt out. Commitment on the other hand means that they are firmly committed to doing whatever, […]

Physiological benefits of relaxation and meditation

Physiological benefits of relaxation and meditation Marked decrease in oxygen consumption, metabolic rate, respiration rate Reduction in blood pressure and heart rate Reduction in serum cholesterol, increase in skin resistance (an accurate marker of stress responses, decrease in blood lactate Changes in electro-encephalogram patterns, including an increase in alpha and Theta waves, (very relaxing waves) […]

Motivation Part 1

At first the concept of being motivated looks fairly simple, but the more one reads the more complex it gets. Leaving aside employee/work motivation we ask why the average person sometimes or often lacks motivation, and because of the complexity of motivation in humans this is not an easy question to answer. We’ve all known […]

Meditation tips

Sit preferably in a comfortable but straight-backed chair, close your eyes and fold your hands in your lap. Take three deep breaths, and then breathe normally for a few moments. Then begin focusing on the air coming in and leaving your nostrils. Focus your breathing from the diaphragm (in the area around your belly button). […]

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is a collection of therapeutic techniques which uses the acupuncture points on the body. No needles are used, but the acupuncture points are triggered by tapping on them with your fingers. These points connect to the Meridian System of the body as used by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners. When the […]

What is Coaching?

Many people don’t realise the differences between coaching, counselling and mentoring. These three are different from each other and require different skills and experience in the practitioner. Basically we use counselling when the person has some psychological problems to sort out, whereas coaching is for someone who does not have these problems. This person is […]

Why don’t we feel good enough?

It’s amazing how many really beautiful and successful people don’t feel “good enough” or “as good as” someone else. So if they don’t feel good enough what hope have the rest of us ordinary people got?! People don’t feel good enough usually because they are comparing themselves unfavourably with someone else. Then they think “I’m […]