HOW TO GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP – and beat Insomnia!

Definition of Insomnia People with insomnia find it hard to get to sleep and to stay asleep. They may wake early and then have trouble getting back to sleep again. Anxious, depressed or worrying thoughts are usual around bedtime, and thoughts may even race, making relaxation and sleep difficult. So the result is poor quality […]


I divide love up into having and doing aspects. For example it’s important to feel secure in ourselves, and to have confidence. This means we will not take the comments of others personally or personalize them. Being secure in ourselves is a good start for being able to love and appreciate others. We’re able to […]


Here are some tips for getting organised with the housework. Even if some of these tips work they will make life easier for you, and make it possible for you to get on with more enjoyable or more important things in your life. Shopping Reduce the frequency of your shopping expeditions. Keep a list of […]


The failure cycle usually begins with enthusiasm, we get excited about a new project. Then your enthusiasm and motivation may seem to fizz. Reasons for this can be: That you have chosen the wrong goal for yourself. You lack direction – in other words your goal is not clear enough (or it’s not your goal!). […]

Preventing problems, especially personal!

For a good half of my professional life I was in preventative medicine as a community health nurse, educating people about their health and teaching them how to live in a healthy way and to avoid ill-health. But a preventative model can also be applied to psychological and emotional problems as we all seem very […]

You must be committed to leaving the problem behind or you are committed to keeping it!

You must be committed to leaving the problem behind or you are committed to keeping it! These are concepts that come up in coaching. When clients say they’ll “try” to do something it gives them a subtle opportunity to opt out. Commitment on the other hand means that they are firmly committed to doing whatever, […]