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How to draw inspiration from others

Think about the last book you read about someone who inspired you. Perhaps it profiled the person in adverse situations and described their conditions and suffering. It probably explained how the person managed to escape those conditions. The experiences that helped them to succeed can sometimes serve as a model for your success. The story […]

Find out if you have an anxiety problem – take the anxiety quiz

TAKE THE ANXIETY QUIZ Tick the points that apply to you: You feel: Anxious, nervous, tense, and can’t relax a lot of the time Something bad is going to happen Your heart racing and pounding and you think you’re having a heart attack Tight in the chest and short of breath Faint, detached, unreal and […]

3 Benefits Of Working Out At Home

Here’s the deal, we all know that exercise should be a regular part of our daily lives. This practice alone provides an enormous amount of benefits to virtually every facet of not only our bodies, but also our quality of life in general. Hopefully we can all agree that this is a fact. Another fact […]

Self Acceptance or Self Esteem – which is better?

Let’s define each first. Self-esteem is how you judge your worth and value. Self-esteem is now a household word whereas a few years ago no one had ever heard of the concept. A high self-esteem is supposed to help us feel good about ourselves. We judge ourselves very positively and approve of ourselves. We think […]

Do you have personal power and what is it anyway?

A definition of personal power is your ability to refocus to change your life’s direction. But there’s a bit more to it than just that. For example, you could exercise your personal power to control your reaction to a sarcastic or hurtful comment. You could also use your personal power to quit smoking, or begin […]