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Relax! Having this fear may actually be a plus for you. If you are too complacent you may not give your best, try your hardest, produce your best results, and end up failing anyway. However, having this fear all the time is a negative driver which can become very stressful. It is much better to be motivated and confident […]


I divide love up into having and doing aspects. For example it’s important to feel secure in ourselves, and to have confidence. This means we will not take the comments of others personally or personalize them. Being secure in ourselves is a good start for being able to love and appreciate others. We’re able to […]

Why don’t we feel good enough?

It’s amazing how many really beautiful and successful people don’t feel “good enough” or “as good as” someone else. So if they don’t feel good enough what hope have the rest of us ordinary people got?! People don’t feel good enough usually because they are comparing themselves unfavourably with someone else. Then they think “I’m […]