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Manage Your Mobile, Manage Your Mind!

Are you minding your mind or is your mobile messing with it? If you have to check your mobile every few minutes, even if no-one is ringing you, then you have a problem, and that is that probably Facebook or some other social media is running your life. I know that because a while back […]


Here are some tips for getting organised with the housework. Even if some of these tips work they will make life easier for you, and make it possible for you to get on with more enjoyable or more important things in your life. Shopping Reduce the frequency of your shopping expeditions. Keep a list of […]

Physiological benefits of relaxation and meditation

Physiological benefits of relaxation and meditation Marked decrease in oxygen consumption, metabolic rate, respiration rate Reduction in blood pressure and heart rate Reduction in serum cholesterol, increase in skin resistance (an accurate marker of stress responses, decrease in blood lactate Changes in electro-encephalogram patterns, including an increase in alpha and Theta waves, (very relaxing waves) […]