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No wonder you can’t sleep – you’re still conscious!

Scientists have discovered something very strange that insomniacs will identify with. If you think you haven’t slept a wink all night, maybe you haven’t! A professor of psychology at a University in Utah USA found that even though people seemed to be asleep, that is, they were in a “sleep pattern”, they could still be […]

Manage Your Mobile, Manage Your Mind!

Are you minding your mind or is your mobile messing with it? If you have to check your mobile every few minutes, even if no-one is ringing you, then you have a problem, and that is that probably Facebook or some other social media is running your life. I know that because a while back […]

HOW TO GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP – and beat Insomnia!

Definition of Insomnia People with insomnia find it hard to get to sleep and to stay asleep. They may wake early and then have trouble getting back to sleep again. Anxious, depressed or worrying thoughts are usual around bedtime, and thoughts may even race, making relaxation and sleep difficult. So the result is poor quality […]