You must be committed to leaving the problem behind or you are committed to keeping it!

These are concepts that come up in coaching. When clients say they’ll “try” to do something it gives them a subtle opportunity to opt out.

Commitment on the other hand means that they are firmly committed to doing whatever, and “trying “doesn’t enter the picture.

Think about it – how many of us are really committed to:

  • Ridding ourselves of negative thinking?
  • Exercising daily?
  • Not taking on too many extra stresses?
  • Staying in the healthy weight range?
  • Quitting cigarette smoking?
  • Getting on with our partners and our co-workers?
  • Getting on with our kids or our neighbors?
  • Noticing negative life patterns that we could change?

It’s easy to see how we are often trying to do these things, but something else comes along and hi-jacks our intentions. If that happens we are not really committed.

Coaches assist clients to reach their goals by helping them get clarity, motivation and commitment.

I once had a Sydney coach who rang me weekly to keep me on track as I wrote my business and marketing plan and worked towards getting a website. It was a highly successful and helpful exercise.

More and more people are utilizing the services of personal and professional coaches to help them learn the extra strategies and skills to get on in life. Coaches assist with commitment if this has been a stumbling block.

Lack of commitment may come from self-defeating thoughts, lack of skills, procrastination, or lack of awareness on a number of issues.

Asking strategic questions draws out answers from the client, which in turn helps in clarifying the situation and allowing better choices to be made.

Commitment takes thought and effort.

It may require structures like reminder notes, diary entries, taking time to notice what makes a difference, and careful preparation to support that commitment.

But whatever it takes to be or remain committed, we need to notice what it is and DO IT!

Otherwise we may find that we are more committed to hanging to the problem.