Many of us have from time to time found ourselves doing, saying, or thinking things that we would prefer not to.

But how to change this? We try to change, but often we are driven to do these things either unconsciously or out of pure habit.

Only when we reach a stage of pure conscious awareness can we find the power and freedom to make the changes that we know we must make.

Awareness is the key to change. Pure conscious awareness is noticing with clarity that we are doing this, saying that, thinking such and such, while at the same time asking ourselves why we are behaving this way. We observe ourselves.

At the same time we need to be strong enough to acknowledge what we need to change. This can come about by facing up to the real reasons for our behaviour.

We have to acknowledge that most of our behaviour is ego driven. We want to appear smart, in control, secure, and as if we “have it all”. Why? To impress others so we don’t appear to be weak, or unintelligent in their eyes.

But all this tweaking and changing for others comes at a cost to our personal inner freedom. We are not free to think in a different way or to break out of age old patterns – to move out of our comfort zone and grab an opportunity that seems risky.

But the risk is to our egos only, and may not be a risk in reality. Our egos have a fear of failure, of looking foolish or weak. We fear what others may think or how they may judge us.

Beyond the ego there is no fear. There is freedom. You free up enormous energy and motivation without the negative pull of the ego and its self-conscious cautions.

Whatever unwanted habits or patterns you have that you want to get rid of, spend some time to get clarity on what these are, and how ego is calling the shots by limiting your responses, curbing your true intentions and stopping change.

So this coming week, decide what you want to change, regardless of any fear the ego puts out, decide that you will not indulge a nuisance habit or pattern that holds you back. You will not do it!

You will find that going against a habit every time you want to give in to it, that you will free up enormous energy which is usually given over to ego and its demands.

Know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it, and pass the conditioned responses of your ego, and watch the old habits fade away.

To your Success,