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Action For Anxiety


Action for Anxiety will show you how to understand what is going on mentally, physically, and emotionally when you experience an anxiety attack. It will teach you what symptoms to look for and how to deal with them so that you break the vicious circle of anxiety forever. Action for Anxiety will hold your hand through the process of acquiring the simple skills and techniques you can use to control your anxiety. In just a few short minutes a day you will discover how to deal with your physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral symptoms on a permanent basis.


In the ebook I teach you how to relax, think more realistically and helpfully, and to tap on your acupuncture points while you think of the many scary things about the spider. For example a Huntsman spider is usually big, and hairy and runs fast. A spider runs away from you – or haven’t you noticed that? The spider usually comes off second best – or haven’t you noticed that either?


Fix Your Fear Of Flying Fast with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) uses EFT to help all that anxiety dissolve as you tap with your fingers on the acupuncture points for all of those scary thoughts, and those uncomfortable physical feelings like nausea, trembling, feeling hot and bothered, feeling sweaty or faint.


Are you one of those people who walk up stairs rather than use an elevator? If you are then this ebook is for you. As well as teaching you some of the techniques associated with this amazing healing method I back it all up with scientific evidence about EFT and why it is so effective and quick.