I had a few thoughts about Mother’s Day when I visited a local gift shop after this year’s big day. As I walked around I saw quite a few things I liked. There were several bottles of perfumed liquid with sticks sticking out of them. . One smelt really good. Then there were lots of lovely scarves, and other beautiful things. Then I saw something that I had been looking for everywhere – a sugar container with a lid. So I bought it. The family would never have thought of buying me this, but it was just what I wanted!

Then I walked home contemplating how shopping for a Mother’s Day gift could be different. Sometimes we don’t know what to get, and then buy something which Mum may or may not like. So I thought wouldn’t it be a good experience to take mum with you to a suitable shop, agree on the price of the gift and then prowl around together until she sees something she likes and/or needs. (That’s assuming Mum is up to doing this)

Then you could go to a café, have a cup of coffee and cake and it would be a good experience. I like experiences rather than a straight gift. So a trip to the theatre, a movie, or a trip to the countryside picking strawberries, a massage, or an immersion in Hot Springs would be interesting and different, and enlarge a life that sometimes can become a little dull.

This mother’s day for me was organized too late for lunch in a restaurant – they were all booked up. This was a blessing, because the weather was good, and we took antipasto, salad, meat, wine, cake, and chocolates to a park which was lovely. We sat and enjoyed a great lunch, had good conversation and didn’t have to shout to each other as in a noisy restaurant. The grandchildren ran around freely and enjoyed themselves too. Of course there were gifts, but it was the relaxed family experience which made it most enjoyable.

Maybe you have some ideas about something different you did, or could do for a parent, either Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas?   Write and let us know, we all need some fresh ideas!

© Kathleen Crawford 2017