I think the Easter Bunny

Is very very funny

He runs around on furry legs

And even lays some Easter Eggs

The outcome of this rabbit’s frolic

Delights the smallest chocoholic

Oblivious of Easter Story

Or anything so crass and gory


There’s lots and lots of money

Attached to Easter Bunny

As kids run round on little legs

A hunting for his Easter eggs

The outcome of this Easter rampage?

High blood sugar and garden damage

The market’s sweet fecundity

Their Easter’s great profundity.


There’s lots and lots of money backing next year’s Easter Bunny,

As kids run ‘round on fatter legs and hunt for even bigger eggs

With names like Cadbury or Lindt, the market makes a mint

And runs like mad in one direction toward a Rabbit Resurrection.


© Kathleen Crawford 2014