It’s amazing how many really beautiful and successful people don’t feel “good enough” or “as good as” someone else.

So if they don’t feel good enough what hope have the rest of us ordinary people got?! People don’t feel good enough usually because they are comparing themselves unfavourably with someone else.

Then they think “I’m not as good as….” and after that thought the self-esteem tumbles and they feel bad.

All of us are just a thought away from feeling good or bad. Where does this come from?

Well, as children we are comparing ourselves with adults who seem “perfect” to us, they can speak well, walk, work things out and generally perform like we would be able to and so we strive for this perfection and we get brownie points for being “perfect” and not so much for trying.

In addition the adults are usually telling us to do better, or not to do this or that, and so we are apt to feel a failure at least on some occasions.

Some people have more encouraging parents than others, and some have parents who are decidedly discouraging, usually having had discouraging parents themselves and so unthinkingly they continue this behaviour with their own children. This is only one important factor in a lack of self-acceptance, and of course there are many other factors.

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