You know when you go to the doctor and you are given some pills to take for your condition and you don’t take them for some reason and then your condition doesn’t improve – why?  Surprise! You didn’t follow the advice of your doctor and take the pills.  So how could they work?

The same goes for complaints that EFT does not work.  When tapping homework is suggested it is sometimes not done and then EFT does not work, especially if the problem has been an historic one going back years.  This would make it harder to shift and would require more tapping.

There are occasions however when the homework is done, along with more help from an EFT practitioner, but still the problem does not shift.  Of course this may be the case also with conventional talk therapy.  There may be a lot of talking with not much result.

The problem in both cases can be something called Psychological Reversal by Energy Practitioners, while conventional therapists remain puzzled and keep on working to get at the bottom of the problem, looking at the history or dysfunctional core beliefs.


The body has an electrical system conducting water, hormones, blood and nutrients, information, and energy around the body.  Several factors enable, or hinder its function:

Dehydration Being dehydrated can cause the energy system/meridian to slow down or be very sluggish.

Not being specific enough Just as with any therapy the goal has to target the problem.

Not dealing with aspects Conventional therapists may deal with aspects of a problem, but with EFT identifying and fixing aspects is paramount to the success, as we recognize that if they are not addressed they will come back to “bite you”! Sometimes there can be dozens of aspects, as demonstrated with my book Fix your Fear of Flying, where I identify an aspect which can be as simple as buying the ticket for the flight.  Buying the ticket may be the first in a series of scary steps which have to be addressed and neutralised.

Toxic Substances These may include environmental toxins, allergies, cigarettes, drugs, food, or even metals on or in the body. These have been known to block the working of the meridian system.

Persistent Negative Thoughts Amazing that your thoughts can affect what’s happening in your body! Negative thoughts can be toxic too, and need to be addressed, as they can cause a block.

Secondary Benefit Problem This is when the person wanting the treatment is getting something out of hanging onto the problem, even though they may not realise this.

Not doing Homework Sometimes only a certain amount can be achieved in one session, and the person is asked to do homework daily, sometimes several times a day to move the problem along.  They don’t do it, and so it doesn’t work!

Sometimes however, one session or a few minutes of tapping will fix the problem, and this is when we see a miracle happening, but it doesn’t always happen like that, and work needs to be done.

Research has proved that EFT is much faster and more effective than other therapies. Not only does the problem shift rapidly but it stays fixed.

That’s why if the problem is not resolved after a reasonable time it is a good idea to go searching for one of the above issues which can cause a Psychological Reversal.

Happy Tapping!

Cheers, Kathleen.

(Picture by Daria Shevtsova via Pexels)